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Myndos Gate

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  • Myndos Gate
Must See Myndos Gate

Wander around the ruins of this monumental city gate, which once formed part of the ancient city wall that surrounded the city of Halicarnassus.
Visit the ruins of the striking Myndos Gate to envisage a time when Bodrum was the fortified and ancient Greek city of Halicarnassus. Constructed in the 4th century B.C. by King Mausolos, the gate is one of Bodrum’s finest-standing historic monuments. Today, this imposing twin-towered gate stands in contrast to the hotel and commercial buildings that have since been built around it.

At the entrance to the site is an information sign in English, which explains a brief history of the gate. During the reign of King Mausolos it was part of a 4.3-mile (7-kilometer) long wall that protected the ancient city of Halicarnassus. Check out the remains of a moat that sit directly in front of the gate. Numerous soldiers drowned here during a siege led by Alexander the Great. 

Have your camera ready to take pictures of the gate with the hills of the Bodrum peninsula in the background. Climb the stone staircases to the top of the gate’s towers and enjoy views out to Bodrum’s Aegean Sea coastline. Visit after sunset when bright floodlights illuminate the two towers. 

Find Myndos Gate situated a 10-minute drive west of Bodrum’s town center. Get there by taking a public bus from Bodrum Otogar, the main bus terminal. Myndos Gate is open daily and admission is free. One hour should be enough time to check out the ruins, read the information signs and take photos. 

Combine your visit with a visit to Bodrum Amphitheater, which is about a 15-minute walk away. The amphitheater is another of Bodrum’s great antique monuments and the former site of gladiator fights. Today, it hosts summer concerts by well-known local musicians. Go to the top of the amphitheater’s audience and admire the postcard-perfect views of Bodrum’s beaches.

Address Myndos Caddesi eskiçeşme Mah.48400 Bodrum

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